Earl Grey

Published on 7 November 2022 at 09:49

Earl Grey

Meekly he holds his authority

Gazing o’re his land

Keeping the peace with a stern

but controlled hand


Lady Grey

Countess Grey

A woman, dear to her husband

Similar to he, but with a passionate streak

Together they govern their land

Behind the Poem...Tea Time

This poem comes from an intense love of tea, especially Earl Grey (I really enjoy a good London Fog). It so happens that my husband does too, and his parents are aware of this.

For my birthday last a year or two ago, I had asked for a card game called Strawberry Sunset and a tea pet.

--Strawberry Sunset has little relevance here, but I think it's a great little game. If you want soemthing simple and pretty, it's the game for you. I'm not affiliated with the game or company at all, I just like it that much.--

The tea pet they got me was a little white rabbit which I adore. And if you don't know what a tea pet is, it's a little animal made out of purple clay that you pour the last bits of the tea in your pot on. I'm probably oversimplifying this so do your own research, but the concept is that over time as you "feed" it more tea, the clay becomes shinier and the tea pet is "healthier". And with that tea pet, they sent a variety pack of about 30 different teas to try out on it.

We had already been keeping a whole stash of Earl Grey tea around the house, so I was familiar with it. But this variety pack came with Lady Grey, which I had never tried before. Earl Grey is black tea with bergamot in it as a flavor. It's bold, smooth, and defined. Lady grey is also a black tea, but instead of bergamot it has citrus in it as a flavor. It's a bold, smooth tea as well, but a little fruitier and more exciting. 

That's really where this poem came from - my interpreation of the different flavor profiles of these teas. I think trying new flavors is fun, and we even have a whole cast iron tea pot and cup set we bought on a trip to Omaha, NE. We share it with friends anytime they're over, and I wanted to share that in some way with you too.

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