Published on 1 November 2022 at 22:36

I see a toadstool

Hiding ‘neath a spotted cap

Fresh dew like tear drops

Behind the Poem...Aesthetic

There isn't much to the background of this poem. I like the fantasy aesthetic I see on Pinterest and Instagram, with the little frogs and mushroom hats. After having researched what makes a haiku a "haiku" aside from the 5-7-5 structure in the past, I really felt like this simplistic idea really fit the theme. It's just a sweet little observation about a plant that I like. 

And in case your wondering, what I understand makes a haiku a haiku is that it's always present tense, and typically an observation about nature that holds a deeper meaning. There's not quite a "deeper meaning" to this one, unless you want to consider the sociological implications of the fantasy and cottagecore aesthetics. As I said, it's a sweet little observation about a plant I like. 

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Liberty Jensen • Writer

Liberty is a donations manager, finance student, and full-time drinker of coffee. She enjoys poetry, her cats, and spending time with her husband.

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