Published on 26 October 2022 at 10:05

I spent an hour maybe more

Lying flat on the floor


There’s a small hole in my ceiling

And right now it’s raining


There’s a light plat on my head

As the water from the clouds are shed


But I can see through this little hole

A whole new world I want to roam


I want to see the world from a cloud

Riding high and looking down


I want to give rain to the plants

Life to the animals and the ants


I want to control the breeze

Blow the salty wind over the seas


I want to live in a castle in the sky

A castle plush and white


I want to see a tree grow so tall

It tries to touch me before it falls


I want to lower the London fog

And blow away the world’s smog


All this, there is no greater joy

But alas, these things even the birds can’t enjoy


Until  I can live up in the weather

I’ll have to lay here on the floor where I’m tethered


Staring up into the sky

Waiting for a cloud I can ride

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