The Coolest (err..Newest) Rhymes:

Screen Routine

I wake up to turn off a screenWhen my phone buzzes and blares and screamsI go to work to look at a screenDays of Excel and GooglingI come back home to stare at 3 screensA phone, a game, and then the tvI go to school to type on a screenOnline papers, discussions, and textbook reading

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Stop writing bad poetry

I really do not like most poetry. I like the idea of it - people bearing their thoughts and souls on paper. Practicing art. Engaging with themselves and community. But when I read it, I’m more often than not just annoyed that I forced myself through it.

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During the month of October, I did a lot of prep work to get ready for NaNoWriMo. I powered through my typical WHR work for the next month so that I’d be completely free to write. This included making 30 Etsy product drafts (First on Canva, then on Gelato, then on Etsy for a total of ~90 files), writing 4 blog posts in advance, and writing enough poetry with doodles to post new things a couple times a week.

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10 Halloween Writing Prompts

It's spooky day! Which (hopefully) means a lot of candy, a lot of fun, and some very eery make-believe. In the spirit of make-believe, I've made a list of 10 spooky and mysterious prompts to use for your fiction writing today. These are geared toward short stories; but, if you want an extra challenge, try to write a rhyming story!Bonus points to anyone who uses theirs as a ghostly Halloween tale to scare their friends and family tonight!

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15 Reminders For When You’re Feeling Discouraged in Your Art

With my final class project finishing up on Sunday, and I finally getting my clean house back after a week of sickness, an ER visit (on my husband’s end - he’s okay now), and waking up at 3 am to get him soup, I am now a much less overwhelmed person. I did have a post written last week: I listed out 30-something October themed art and writing challenges. But for the above reasons, that didn’t go out and it’s now mid-October. We’ll try again next year.

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Quality or Quantity?

A lot of weeks when I write these, I’ll find someone’s thought or content as inspiration and bounce off it. In the past that’s been @inspiredtowrite, Rajiv Surendra, or Austin Kleon. This week, I’m not feeling that. It’s not that it doesn’t exist or that creators aren’t making beautiful and inspirational things; I just haven’t had the capacity to take it all in this week. There are three fully written blog posts that I could put here today, but not one of them has that “it” factor for me. So what happens in this situation? Do I throw something on here because it needs to be done? Do I hope something strikes me later in the day?

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From the community

"Today I’m doing something a little different. It’s getting to the part of the year where my work-life balance is shifting to where a bigger portion is the work chunk. While this is part of the normal flow of things for me, it’s also the first year I’ve had to seriously consider how it affects WHR. 

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