Simple Plan

Published on 25 April 2024 at 15:10

I’m a simple person

My name is Tim Jay

I have a simple plan

And I have a simple day


I go to the office

And type away

At the computer on my desk

To fill a spot in my resume


I go home to my family

Eat dinner and a snack

I take a deep breath

And take a long nap


Bedtime comes

So to sleep I fall

Ready for the morning

Ready for some calls


Every day is the same

I do the best I can

I want to be ready

I have a simple plan


My plan is this:

To be really great.

I want a job

Where I can make a change.


I’ll go to school

And be an astronaut

Maybe go to space

And find a new rock


Or perhaps I’ll stay on earth

And make some music or art

I’ll go down in history

As someone like Mozart


I am a simple guy

I have a simple day

I have a simple plan:

Make change and be great

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