I'm Liberty,  and this is We Have Rhymed. We Have Rhymed is a sort of passion project that I began slowly developing in August, 2022. Prior to this, I've never published any writing or art. I did win an art competition in fourth grade for a poster I drew on world peace, however. I have also submitted a poem about the ocean to an online contest in 10th grade - they said they'd put it in a book, but then I'd have to pay to get the book, and a plaque, and so on....so take that as you wish (personally I take it as a little scammy, but whatever). What I'm saying is that I am a top tier professional here.

Jokes aside, I just enjoy coming up with odd rhyme schemes and creating a doodle to go with, so that's what I do. I think everyone should be able to express that same joy if they like, so there is room for that here too - tools, an encouraging newsletter, and hopefully more in the future.

As for the one-line art, I find it to be a fun challenge to try and find just the right spot to start the piece off with using only one line. It's not so challenging that it frustrates me usually, but enough that I get something out of it.

There are tons of ideas for this page which are too early to share. But for now, that's about it. It's something I like to do while I drink a cup of coffee, and I hope it grows with time into something really interactive and fun. Thanks for being a part of the process.


With that...

"I hope you have a great day."

- James Hoffman


Many loves,


Liberty Jensen

Poet | Artist | Creative

We Have Rhymed