Hey there! My name is Liberty. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for checking out my site! It's a lot of fun writing and doodling, and even better having somewhere to put it all. And that's mainly what this is - a smorgasbord of thoughts and whims in the form of poetry, art, and writing.

I've tried many times to put a real descriptor on what WHR is. The writing isn’t always deep - sometimes I simply write about a cat chasing a dot. It's not always childlike and silly - sometimes we talk about development and life and loving. I like to think of the quote by Orson Wells, “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” The one-line drawings and style of WHR that my writing adheres to allows just enough limitation to keep it cohesive, while allowing me to explore anything within those constraints. Having at least one factor that tells me “I know that this is where I’m starting” is enough to start a trail of exploration.

WHR is constantly evolving in little ways as it and I grow together. I'm appreciative of the little community that has developed, and has pushed me to keep growing. Each pitfall (and I have a knack for running into them) is an opportunity to learn and try again. Thanks again for being here for it. Please, grab a warm beverage of your choosing and stay for the ride.


With many loves,

Liberty Jensen