A "Post-It" Poetry Project

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What is the "Post-It" Poetry Project?

The "Post-It" Poetry Project is an effort to spread a little joy to the community through the quirky poems and doodles found on We Have Rhymed.

How does it work?

Sticky notes with a QR code on them will be stuck up around Searcy, AR for people to find and scan. They may be found in coffee shops, on park tables, on shop doors and windows, and anywhere else a sticky note can be permissibly stuck. I'll be able to see how many times a QR code is scanned, so we can see how much poetry has been spread! I'll update the number on this page once the project begins.

I'm not in Searcy, AR. How can I participate?

By spreading the news! The more people that know, the more successful this project will be.


Okay, but...can I make my own project?

Go ahead! There is nothing stopping you from writing your own poem on a sticky note and posting it somewhere. I am nowhere near the first person putting out poems on sticky notes.

If you choose to do that, I would seriously appreciate it if you send me pictures of your own personal "Post-It" Poetry Project by emailing info@wehaverhymed or tagging @wehaverhymed on Instagram or Threads. I would absolutely love to see the spread of all types of poetry across the world via sticky note.

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