Sitting at a Stoplight

Published on 2 September 2022 at 10:15

If you’re at a stop light

Sitting in your car,

Look out the window

And see where you are.


Check out the people

That are driving by.

Look at the birds

That are flying high.


There’s an old lady

Driving very slowly,

And a man behind her

Honking very boldly.


On the sidewalk beside you,

A little girl runs

To her dad down the way,

Reaching for a hug.


You hear a fire crackling

In a nearby yard,

And a man yelling, “No!”

“Get away from my garden!”


While a butterfly quite nicely

Sits on your hood,

Waiting for the wind

To take it where it should.


All of these things,

Within a two-minute light.

A world of wonder,

Of noise, and of might.

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