Published on 31 August 2022 at 15:08

I have a name -

I really like my name.

It's Zip-Zap-Zarby.


They call me that 'cause

I zip through here,

And I zap through there -

I'm Zip-Zap-Zarby.


I zip to the store for my morning bread,

I zap back home for breakfast in bed.

I'm Zip-Zap-Zarby.


I zip to work, but what do I see?

I zap to the corner -

Oh my, oh me!


There's a man making noise -

A bam and a bang!

Then I hear he likes his name,

'Cause it's Bang-Bam-Barney!

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Liberty Jensen • Writer

Liberty is a donations manager, finance student, and full-time drinker of coffee. She enjoys poetry, her cats, and spending time with her husband.

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