An Inner Monologue

Published on 29 September 2022 at 14:14

Oh, how it’s red beady eye mocks me,

Sitting insolently in silence on the floor.

I lay in wait as it travels to and fro,

Circling the legs of my favorite chair.


Foul creature! Does it not think I can win?

Does it not think that I, a cat, can outrun it?

Out-wait it, overpower it, that I can endure this chase?


I stand at the ready: legs back, tail low, providing 

just the right balance -

Whiskers sensing every wisp of the air -

Claws unsheathed in wanting.


I say beast, run! Run in fear when you see me!

For I am Cat! Witch they’ve called me - God

they’ve called me.

A good and bad omen alike.

I am the drought and I create the rain!


So once again, I stand at the ready.

Waiting for the red eyed creature before me to

make a move.

My sights are set with anticipation.


And there it goes!

Around the legs of the chair I chase it -

Up the wall I jump!

Over the couch and table we run!

It is no match, for I am only one paw away.


And so it begins to slow down.

I see the red creature rest on the rug -

This is my chance. I rear back -

I balance myself for the perfect mark.



I have bested the creature!

But what’s this? It should be under my paw!

How have you climbed out?

How dare you rest upon me!

Why, I can’t even feel it!


Blasted dot of a thing! It has no regard for my presence.

It does not tremble in fear -

It does not quake at the name Cat as so many have.

But wait - where has it gone?


It’s disappeared from my paw!

It does not even respect the laws that be!

What kind of dark sorcery has befallen this house?


Then I turn to Mother - I see it in her hand.

The wand that’s caused so much frustration.

Would she have done this to me?

Would she have caused so much turmoil?


She looks at me with her grim smile,

And moves her hand toward me.

I bat it away, “Woman, do not touch me!”

How could she think this is okay?

You create my distress then ask for my affection? Bad woman!


From her wretched mouth she speaks:

“You little weirdo. It‘s food time!”

Hmm…food time, you say?

Perhaps I’ll leave this discussion for another day.

Behind the Poem...Kitty

Well, I didn't say who's inner monologue. This is what I imagine my cats think when I get the laser pointer out. They turn into chaotic little monsters for the next hour; until, of course, the food comes out. 
I never know how to end a play session with a laser pointer, so most times I just make it disapear under the couch or something. If I just stop playing, they honestly don't understand and keep meowing at me like "Mom? Where did the dot go? I can't find it! It's going to get me!" for the next 20 minutes, then sulk in the corner because they weren't done even though Spoof is practically coughing because she's panting so hard. 
If I time it right though, I can put their dinner out at the end of the session and they are at peace again. Weird little animals.

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Liberty Jensen • Writer

Liberty is a donations manager, finance student, and full-time drinker of coffee. She enjoys poetry, her cats, and spending time with her husband.

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