Sleepy Sheep

Published on 23 August 2023 at 08:44

Soft, pillowy sheep

Please help me to sleep

As you drift by

In my weary mind


I am counting to ten

Oh, please tell me when

The curtains will close

And I can finally doze


Oh my poor little sheep

I can hear you bleat

Are you alright?

I hear the monster nearby


I can hear him roar

Please run to the shore

Of the river in my

Sad dreary mind


The monster can’t swim

The river will drown him

It flows too fast

Recurring thoughts of the past


I have a canoe

I’ve moored it for you

Please run from his trap

Come sit in my lap


I have you now

I am holding you close

We are drifting so fast

Through this river of Past


The sirens they call

Close now, don’t fall

We will both be at rest

Once we’ve finished this test


Oh, my poor little sheep

I want us to sleep

We’ve come to a stop

The thoughts are all gone


We’ve entered the pool

The water seems clear and cool

Don’t touch it just yet

Don’t let your wool get wet


This pool is still

The pool will kill

It feeds the river

It hold the darkest water


We are floating closer

And closer to shore

We will find a place where

The weather is fair


My sweet little sheep

We’ve been saved from the deep

We’ve made it to land

I can feel the warm sand


There’s a forest beyond here

Let’s go little dear

We’ll find a small house

In a tree off the ground


There’s a bed and warm milk

And sheets make of silk

My sweet little sheep

Safely now we will sleep

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