Time Blind

Published on 30 May 2023 at 00:39

Time blind

What's to wind

The clock won't ever tick right


An hour, a day

What did you say?

A year went away? What is today?


Where did it go?

What's the calendar hold?

I see no box for the time to go


It's in the clock

Tickity tock

I'll break the clock

Look in and tell the time to stop


I'm old, I'm grey!

I was young today

I was even younger yesterday


Make it stop,

Tell it to stop!

I'm going to miss all that I want


I'll miss my wedding

I'll miss my dreams

I'll miss my time to eat the ice cream


I'll miss my career

I'll miss my degree

I'll miss being eighty-three


Why does it tick round and round

While I stand here to watch

To scowl and frown


I want my life 

I want to see

Stop spinning all around me


The world's on a wheel

It keeps rolling by

I'll push and I'll try


But it'll keep going 'round

Spinning away

Until I miss every day

I'll miss every day

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