When Pigs Fly

Published on 13 October 2022 at 11:26

Have you ever considered

Such a thing as a pig learning to fly?

Would it sprout wings and take to the sky?

Or maybe it would stretch it’s legs to the air,

Sprinkling a trail of magic dust everywhere.


Such a strange thing, a pig with aviation.

Where did it get these powers? Radiation?

Did some fairy grant it a wish?

Or did it give it’s little tail an extra swish?


Would it be happy up there flying ‘round?

Would it ever want to come down?

Perhaps the pig would miss rolling in it’s mud.

But maybe flying through the rain is much more fun!


I don’t know much about a pig taking flight,

But I do know it’d sure be a sight!

Another phrase would have to take its place...

Maybe we could say, "When a snail wins a race!"


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