Familiar Sounds

Published on 20 September 2022 at 20:35

There are familiar sounds

all around

That we don’t always notice


But If I name a thing

You’d know exactly the cling

That thing I name will make


The sound of a nail clipper

Clipping away

At somebody’s nail too long


The twist of the lock

In the middle of the knob

Before you go to sleep


A bird just landing in a tree

The rustling it makes in the leaves

On your way out the door in the morning


The tap, tap, tap

Of your fingers on the glass

Typing a message to a friend


The shifting of the cushion

With a soft squeak or creek

Sitting down to watch the tv


The shutting of a drawer

The rails rolling and drawer closing

When you put your things away


The pulling of a tissue out of the box

Or the shuffling of clothes

When looking for socks


So many sounds

We don’t always consider

Are a day to day assurance that the world’s turning right

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