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You're probably here because you received a product from We Have Rhymed. My name is Liberty Jensen, and I'm the author/artist. You can read a little more about your item by expanding the heading(s) below.

Custom Cards

I make custom cards based on the information provided by the purchaser. I can either make on for the buyer themself (like a mini commission!) or write it to a loved one.


How I Make Them

First things first, I read over the information I was provided by the buyer. Then I come up with a special poem that fits, and a drawing to go with. I mock this up digitally, and provide the option to either let the buyer confirm the design before it goes out or make it a surprise!

Once it's been confirmed (if necessary), I send the design to my Cricut Maker and let it draw the design on 4x4" cardstock. Because the Cricut Maker provides soemthing like an outline of the image, I will use that as a guide and grace over the image by hand with a black felt tip marker to make sure it pops.

Then I cut out a custom-fitted envelope, and write who it is "To:" and "From:" with the info provided.

That all gets packaged up and shipped out!


If you are a recipient of card from another buyer

Please know that while I do make the cards, they are from the buyer! I write these with the intention of conveying the spirit of what I was provided in the "Special Notes" section upon purchase. Each card is made individually and just for you. 





I can make 5x7" prints of any of the doodles and poems on my website (I hope to expand to bigger size options in the future!). 

I print these at home on high-quality 5x7" FinestraArt matte paper. I package them with backing board, in a plastic protective sheet, and into a rigid mailer to ensure safe mailing. 




I use a third-party service called Printify to create pins

Copyright Disclaimer:

The artwork and writing depicted on wehaverhymed.com and any related productions (audio, prints, pins, custom cards, blogs, social media posts, etc.) is the property of the We Have Rhymed and is protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of this artwork without written permission is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


Permission must be requested and given in written form. To inquire, please email info@wehaverhymed.com.