The Bottle Project

What is The Bottle Project?

The Bottle Project is an effort to spread a little joy to the community through the quirky poems and doodles found on We Have Rhymed. 

How does it work?

I am filling tiny colorful bottles with little scrolls of poetry and spreading them across the town of Searcy, AR. These bottles can be found on restaurant tables, in coffee shops, and elsewhere across town. Whenever someone finds a bottle, they can scan the QR code found inside and let us know! They also have the option to get two free stickers! Each bottle has a number inside, and I'll keep this page updated with which bottles have been found so far.

How many bottles are there?

Right now, zero. I'm currently collecting materials to put these together. I expect to make 14 of these bottles initially, and if all goes well, I'll continue to add to the fun!

I'm not in Searcy, AR. How can I participate?

By spreading the news! The more people that know, the more successful this project will be.

Another way you can participate is by starting your own project. After everything is put together, I'll add them to my webshop where you can obtain them and spread your one tiny bottles.


What if I want to use my own poetry?

Go ahead! You can buy your own little bottles on Amazon, Etsy, or from your local bottle officianado and fill them with whatever you like. Other than the bottles, you'll just need to make your own scrolls. Just note that We Have Rhymed does not claim any responsibility for these bottles or their contents. Those are YOUR bottles! Please do NOT mention We agave Rhymed anywhere on or in the bottle or scroll. 

If you choose to do that, I would seriously appreciate it if you send me pictures of your own personal "bottle project" by emailing info@wehaverhymed or tagging @WeHaveRhymed on Instagram. I would absolutely love to see the spread of all types of poetry across the world via tiny bottle.

Bottles Found

The bottles are still hiding!

The Bottle Project is an attempt to spread poetry to the world via tiny glass bottles with scrolls inside!

Bottles are placed in locations such as coffee shops and parks to be found by the masses. Each bottle contains a short poem, and QR code that comes back here, where you can read poetry to your hearts content!

When someone finds a bottle, they can let us know and we'll post it here!

You can see how many bottles have been found here, or if you'd like to participate in this challenge go to our shop and get The Bottle Project Kit!