Do you have a poem you'd like to share? Each week I'd like to put up a "Poem of the Week", written by someone like you! Please fill out the form below for a chance to see yours displayed!

**If your poem is chosen, it will appear exactly as written. PLEASE be sure that all punctuation, spelling, and grammar is the way you want it before submitting.



*Any submissions that do not agree to or follow the below terms will not be considered.

1. The poem must not be published elsewhere.

2. The poem must not exceed 750 words.

3. You must be 13 years of age or older.

4. We Have Rhymed reserves the right to arbitrarily approve or reject any submissions as sees fit. 

5. We Have Rhymed may post any submissions received and use submissions in any marketing and social media campaigns.

6. Submission periods are 7 days weeks, beginning Sunday 12:00am and ending Saturday, 11:59pm. Sumbission deadlines end 4 weeks before the week a poem is published on Any submissions that are not selected for the designated submission period will be rolled over into the next submission period for selection, unless otherwise stated in writing by the submitter.


A poem that is submitted between February 12-18, 2023, if selected would be published March 12-18, 2023.