Cannon Taylor - Feb 26, 2023-March 4, 2023

Published on 5 March 2023 at 20:29

In the rustle of trees, in the cool ocean's breeze,
In the petal drops of roses in spring,
In the laugh of a child, in the storm booming wild,
In the web made of spider's string,
In the face of a cloud, in the thunder, crashing, loud,
In the blast of a trumpet's song,
In the wave of the sea, in the bustle of bees,
In the choir's melodious throng,
Is the power of His Voice, is the love of His Choice,
To give of His Own for me.
When Life lived again, and Death died, the end
Of sin, it did leave me free.
I could see once more, joy in it all, and I swore,
To live for my Master's decree.